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Our clients include private, public, non-profit, religious, and for-profit learning institutions at the K-12, vocational, and higher education levels.  Despite their differences they all share one thing in common; they have the potential for their factually and students to thrive in an online learning environment which we can help them realize.

A list of our clients includes:

  • One of the fastest growing, global EdTech start-ups in the world

  • Private university with 90,000 students

  • Non-profit university with 35,000 students

  • For-profit university with 40,000 students

  • K-12 online school with 1200 students

  • Public high school with 1400 students

  • An online employee assistance provider supporting 15,000 organizations' employees worldwide

  • Privately owned healthcare staffing and credentialing company

From our very first meeting, Brian's ability to analyze a situation, visualize the solution, and effectively communicate a path to successful completion of an initiative was very evident.

School Administrator

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