About Us


We are education and operations professionals who have dedicated our careers to helping learning institutions bring online learning to students. 



  • Train, coach, and advise faculty and instructors on how to deliver curriculum online

  • Provide set-up and real-time technology support to faculty and students 

  • Create and implement scalable, online student engagement activities

  • Build and deliver remote learning resource centers for faculty, students, and families

  • Institute best-in-class student participation, retention, and completion strategies

  • Design and institute performance reporting, analysis, and intervention recommendations

  • Optimize overall operating processes through institution-specific technology usage and investment recommendations, sourcing, adoption, and support services.


We firmly believe that a more educated society is a silver bullet solution to economic, social, and environmental challenges. Too many approaches are “out of the box” and fail to account for an institution’s budget, internal readiness, unique student and faculty needs, and current state of technology.  We believe each school should be given the resources and opportunities for their faculty, students and programs to fully realize their potential.



Founder and Principal

Mr. Brian Zotti is an accomplished strategic business leader who excels in driving a positive customer experience, optimizing operations management, and driving gains in revenue generation and process efficiencies. As Senior VP of Services and  Operations at Contek Consulting, Mr. Zotti helps clients develop and implement innovative business improvement strategies that drive significant top and bottom line results. His accomplishments include capturing double-digit gains in productivity, cost savings, customer acquisition and retention rates, and revenue growth.


Mr. Zotti has been vital in driving successful growth in the EdTech and online learning industries. Holding an executive leadership role at Ashford University, he controlled an eight-figure operating budget and drove Ashford’s financial turnaround while ensuring compliance in a highly competitive and regulated environment, and achieving customer satisfaction ratings that far exceeded industry benchmarks. Earlier at Zenith Education, Mr. Zotti established a shared services operation to address all service issues, questions, and concerns, successfully improving the customer experience and overall satisfaction. He was also instrumental in improving profitability by directing highly effective cost saving initiatives and working to proactively grow annual revenue. 


While at Kaplan, Mr. Zotti was transferred to the European division due to successful results in the US, where he enhanced start-up operations and led the turnaround of an unprofitable business unit. He was instrumental in building and growing corporate and university partnerships, developing sales and service strategy, streamlining processes, and revamping product value propositions. As a result, he drove organizational growth, expanded product offerings, and grew revenue by millions of dollars. 

Mr. Zotti is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Illinois and previously completed a Bachelor’s of Political Science and Government at the College of William and Mary. His other certifications include a Six Sigma Green Belt and training in Project Management from Capital One, Change Management at Prosci.